about me

I hate stereotypes and enjoy breaking them. I love photography; an overwhelming feeling of child-like happiness just occupies me (body & soul)  the moment I hold a camera.                                                         I really believe that this world wouldn’t be a better place to live in as long as it’s ruled by males. Call me a Feminist but this is a fact you will admit sooner or later.
I adore Mahmoud Darwish and this is not a matter of discussion. I do appreciate Yanni’s and Loreena McKennitt’s masterpieces but nothing touches my soul as Trio Joubran’s do.

I get upset because of the silliest things ever. Yet, some extra simple things can make my day. Smile

I’m a Palestinian refugee. Gaza is where I live. El-Ramala is where I belong to. Acre is my passion.

I’m a Computer and Communication Engineering student Computer and Telecommunication Engineer and was a Microsoft Student Partner in Al-Azhar University-Gaza.

I love Windows and I hate Bing. I’m a big fan of Google noodles. I believe that people who take (Microsoft VS Google) discussions/arguments so seriously are real idiots. Open-mouthed smile  As a matter of fact, I was , once, so confused to choose between iPhone4 and Galaxy S2. However, I finally bought a Nokia! Smile with tongue out

Am I proud? And would I consider pride a fault or a virtue? I’ll quote what Mr. Darcy answered Elizabeth when she asked him the same question, they both are characters in one of my favorite Movies; Pride and Prejudice.

“Maybe it’s that I find it hard to forgive the follies and vices of others, or their offenses against me. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. “

I want to play one musical instrument adroitly! I want to go diving once in my lifetime! I want to have Horse Riding lessons 3 times a week! I want to visit at least one new country a year! I want a Canon 60D with 3.0-Inch LCD and 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS US Standard Zoom Lens. And I seriously want you to believe that this is not too much to ask for. It requires way more than Food and Sleeping to consider yourself alive! 🙂

Someone once told me that I have a brain of a geek and a heart of a lover. It could be! but what is certainly me is a hardcore dreamer and I’ll always be.


13 Responses to “about me”

  1. haneen Says:

    keep dreaming girl hhhhhh

    I wish U good luck in all your life:):)

  2. Laila Says:

    Haneen, don’t worry, I will 😀
    Thanx 4 ur sweet wishes 🙂

  3. said hassan arahim Says:

    hello your english is good would you like to join our ooizo 🙂 pleas let me know on my gmail 🙂 thank you

  4. Laila Says:

    Thanx Said 4 ur great offer 🙂
    Sure, it’s my pleasure to join OOiZO team 🙂

  5. tikoooz Says:

    Nice blog Laila, Keep Up. Great Future isA:)

  6. Laila Says:

    Thanx tikooz:)

  7. haytham bi Says:

    we need dreamer girls ,

    keep it up Lila ,

  8. Sham Says:

    Great work! Good luck..

  9. moneer adnan murtaja (@moneer_murtaja) Says:

    nice Blog keep it

  10. Basma Awad Says:

    love the new about me, it’s awesome because you’re awesome Laila 🙂

  11. Basel Shammala Says:

    what a small world we live in !!
    I am just standing in Oh, how did I get here !
    such amazing thing when you surf the web seeking a particular piece of information in neuro-anatomy, and suddenly you find yourself facing an old friend web-site .

    I am kinda busy now, but I guess I’ll have “intensive” visits here .

  12. Laila Says:

    What a sweet coincidence!
    Reading your comment brought back tons and tons of memories, Basel! 🙂

    And Of course, your visits are more than welcome! 🙂

  13. msuworld Says:

    Nice Blog Laila 🙂

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